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“We extend the Hopf algebra description of a simple quantum system given previously, to a more elaborate Hopf algebra, which is rich enough to encompass that related to a description of perturbative quantum field theory (pQFT). This provides a mathematical route from an algebraic description of non-relativistic, non-field theoretic quantum statistical mechanics to one of relativistic quantum field theory. Such a description necessarily involves treating the algebra of polyzeta functions, extensions of the Riemann Zeta function, since these occur naturally in pQFT. This provides a link between physics, algebra and number theory. As a by-product of this approach, we are led to indicate inter alia a basis for concluding that the Euler gamma constant γ may be rational”.

Duchamp, Gérard H E, Hoang Ngoc Minh, Allan I Solomon, and Silvia Goodenough. “An Interface between Physics and Number Theory.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 284.1 (2011): 17.