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Quoting the same page as the last post, watch how it sums up the resistance in the scientific community, against maths and physics being formally linked. This resistance leads to complete cognitive dissonance, where evidence for formal connections is explicitly referenced followed immediately by the denial that any formal connections are possible.

“…the surprising thing is that often some newly discovered abstract formulation in mathematics turns out, years later, to describe physical phenomena which we hadn’t known about previously…”

“…physics cannot be derived from mathematics alone…”

The first statement undermines the second statement.


This page by Dr Cecilia Barnbaum of Valdosta University exemplifies the problem. On the one hand she has to acknowledge that actually there are fundamental connections between formulations derived from pure mathematics, and phenomena which exist in the physical universe. On the other she claims that human concepts of number are products of pure human imagination and that they bear no relation to the physical universe.

In order to accomodate these irreconcilable positions she concludes that “the structure of the universe itself seems to be imprinted on the human mind”, a statement which, once you think about it, deliciously contradicts the assertion that “pure notions of number … do not need physics to exist”.

We live in a universe entirely born of, governed by, and structured according to a natural mathematicality*, and it should come as no surprise if human maths and natural physics can both be derived from the same first principles.

Quantity is a physical property. Human systems of number are fundamentally based on quantitative relationships. Human systems of number describe natural quantitative relationships. This is both logically reasonable and supported by evidence.

*The term ‘mathematicality’ is used to differentiate the natural laws of numerical relationships from the human descriptions of those laws, called ‘maths’ and ‘mathematics’