humans didn’t invent maths, and then fit the physical world to that invented mathematical framework

humans developed maths from their experience of the naturally numerical laws which govern the physical world

the universe was numerically consistent before humans evolved to describe numerical relationships

if laws of numerical relationships are not natural, but abstract human concepts, then we would expect the same numerical laws to apply differently to different physical phenomena


until now it has been suggested that the reason that human maths is such a useful tool for measuring and describing the physical universe, was due to either anthropocentrism or sheer coincidence

neither explanation is satisfactory

anthropocentrism would say that the reason we see mathematical consistency in the natural universe is because we decided the laws of numerical relationships, and then see the natural universe through the lens of those laws

but this does not explain how the same quantities of different classes of objects have the same numerical relationships

nor can anthropocentrism explain the deep structural connections which have been discovered to exist between number theory and physics