1 sum total of existence – this we can take as the first absolute truth. We observe it, we experience it – or we do not exist.

So: 1 existence.

For which teh theory will use the term – ’1 x’


If we discover a universe parallel to ours, this doesn’t change the fact of 1 sum total of existence – it only means the total exists in two halves, each called a ‘universe’.

1x = 2 * ( x/2 )

If 1000 parallel universes are discovered to exist, each universe is then a 1000th of the 1 sum total of existence.

1x = 1000 * ( x/1000 )

If infinite parallel universes exist, they are each an infinitessimal part of their sum total

1x = i * ( x/i )


If we take our 1x to have ‘begun’ at the big bang – it is still 1x now. Existence is.

The expansion is not OF existence.

The expansion is WITHIN existence.

Existence itself hasn’t expanded. The detail of existence has expanded. The number of discrete parts which together add up to the ‘sum total of existence’ is expanding.

To put it another way – existence itself is not expanding, it is dividing. Existence is dividing into more and more ‘parts of existence’. The number of discrete parts of existence increases, as their sum total stays the same.

A common analogy for inflation is a rubber sheet – stretch the sheet and the surface area increases. The ‘parts’ of the rubber sheet are stretched further apart – they can be seen in greater detail – first the chains of molecules, then the molecules, then the atoms that make the molecules – but no rubber has been added.

To continue the analogy just a little: the area of our rubber sheet has expanded – but the sheet has also been divided.

If it began as 1m square and we stretch it to 10m square – it has been divided into 100 ‘parts’ – each a 1/100 of the rubber of the original – but each part of the whole sheet. We could continue stretching down to near infinitesimal fractions – until we were down to the individual atoms, each a tiny fraction, discrete from the others, and each still a part of the whole.

So, teh theory proposes that existence has been ‘stretched’ (is being stretched) or more properly divided (is dividing) into smaller and smaller ‘parts’. And everything we see of this existence is made of the fractions of existence.

The complexities – of space, forces, energy, matter – arise from the various ways in which those parts combine and naturally ‘organise’.

We ourselves, the matter that makes our very flesh, is a collection of ‘parts’ of existence.


teh theory suggests time divides existence.

Time is the stretching force of the ‘rubber sheet’ of existence.

As time acts on the 1x, the 1x is divided into an expanding number of constituent parts, which become observable as discrete from each other and are then themselves divided again.

existence, divided over time.


1x/t = observable reality


1 sum total of existence being divided into smaller and smaller constituent parts, will lead to a complex universe in which the structures, behaviours and interactions of all physical phenomena are absolutely governed by natural laws of numerical relationships